KZ Cobre Plata Mixto Upgade Cable Cable de los Auriculares de 8 núcleos de Alambre MMCX/0.75/0.78 mm Pin para ZST ZS10 ES3 ES4 AS10 BA10 ZS6 ZS5 ZS4
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  • Tipo De Elemento: Los Cables De Los Auriculares
  • Número De Modelo: KZ Cobre Plata Mixto Upgade Cable
  • B pin: Para KZ-ZST/ED12/ES3/ES4/ZSR/ZS10/AS10/BA10
  • Paquete: Sí
  • Un pin: Para KZ-ZS3/ZS4/ZS5/ZS6/ED16/ZSA
  • MMCX Pin: Para MMCX Auriculares
  • Tamaño: 1.2m
  • Nombre De La Marca: KZ
  • Material: Cobre libre de oxígeno
  • Origen: CN(Origen)

Etiquetas: mmcx cabl, c pin kz, cable xlr corto, kz zs5, 1 ohm resistor color, bolsa de kz, kz mmcx, 2 pin para mmcx, audífono ruido, mic mmcx.

Metal Mania666
Kabelek recommend, previous identical survived 21 months, so I think that quality as most porządne :)
I have second additional cable from this line - the first has got shortcut in the connector. This new has better connector and also cable is better - much less tangles. Nevertheless connector is also risky because there is any protection at the end of connector and cable crack around the connector corner. I had to wrap crossing with the table; butt it looks strange. Do not buy the cable for mobile phone on-the-way listening. For table-desk usage its OK.
excellent enhancement for the zs5
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